Is lying for plurality and inclusivity okay?

No, certainly not. The recent controversy over a painting, which many claimed to be Sri Krishna showing the Eid moon, exposes the thinking that has infected our academia and politics. The idea is that we should conceal history to promote a false plurality and harmony. The controversy surrounds over the below painting: Yogendra Yadav (Former… Continue reading Is lying for plurality and inclusivity okay?

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Political murders and media bias

This is an oft-repeated theme, something that has been written about profusely by authors of various shades. It is a theme that is very repetitive, but nonetheless it should be written about and discussed, since it shows the failings of the established mainstream media and their anti-BJP bias. A 20 year old BJP worker in… Continue reading Political murders and media bias

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Disconnect and outright rejection of arguments are harming public discourse

There is a widespread disconnect between what the intellectuals 'think' and what citizens 'want'. In other cases, you are not allowed to doubt the sincerity of certain causes. What results is a flawed discourse, that either focuses on peripheral issues or one that is completely, utterly dominated by one side.  This is ultimately harmful to… Continue reading Disconnect and outright rejection of arguments are harming public discourse

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Black Panther: Tradition v. Reform

I watched "Black Panther" the 'critically acclaimed' Marvel movie that was released a few weeks ago. It was quite an average superhero movie, and not something that should have received the attention it has received, along with critical acclaim. The movie's plot by itself is not particularly unique in my opinion. I was however intrigued… Continue reading Black Panther: Tradition v. Reform

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Free markets and Women’s Empowerment

There exists a tangible relationship between economic progress and women's empowerment  - almost all of the world's developed nations treat women fairly and more equitably than developing or underdeveloped countries. It might be a bit of irony then, that many of the leading icons of the feminist movement today are self professed socialists and marxists.… Continue reading Free markets and Women’s Empowerment